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Updated Severe-Duty Robots

March 17, 2020
For foundry, forging, and machining operations, the KR Quantec series has been revised for more flexibility and improved performance.

KUKA ROBOTICS introduced the second-generation Foundry robots of its KR Quantec series, explaining it had completely revised the standard version of this bestselling unit to ensure it remains state-of-the-art technology. The 14 different robot models are designed to operate in extreme humidity and heat, as well as dirty or dusty environments.

All 14 variants have a standard protection rating of IP67 for the entire machine. They withstand ambient temperatures up to 55°C. The robot wrist can withstand a maximum temperature of 180 °C for ten seconds per minute, which is advantageous for furnace tending. “Our robot thus offers customers in the foundry, forging, and machining industries greater application flexibility – as does the option of upgrading the payload capacity in the field. Furthermore, it boasts outstanding values for total cost of ownership (TCO),” stated Wolfgang Bildl, product manager.

New digital motion modes, which have been available as software add-ons for the new generation of the KR QUANTEC series since 2019, make for greater process quality with the KUKA Robotics Foundry robots too. “Path Mode” increases precision during continuous-path motions, while “Dynamic Mode” reduces cycle times by enabling a higher velocity.

Greater performance and a longer service life also will reduce operating costs, including improved gear unit seals and corrosion-protected small parts, while a new gear oil reduces maintenance requirements and increases the service life of the new foundry robots.

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