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Engineered for strength and extended workability, Plibrico Ultra Demon Mortar improves the ease, speed, and quality of mortar-essential refractory installations.

'Super-Duty' Refractory Mortar

April 14, 2020
Plibrico Ultra Demon is an easy-to-install, long-lasting mortar that provides strength for fireclay brick lining in furnaces and boilers, with both workability and good adhesion.

THE PLIBRICO CO. introduced Ultra Demon® Mortar, a wet, air-setting refractory mortar that exhibits the thermodynamic stability required to protect melting and holding furnaces, ladles, or crucibles (as well as incinerators and industrial boilers) that function at temperatures as high as 3,000° F. Engineered for superior strength and extended workability, Ultra Demon Mortar is a reliable, economical solution for laying up intermediate, high-duty, and super-duty fireclay bricks.

Creamier in texture than other mortars, Ultra Demon Mortar is exceptionally pliable, making it easier to install by troweling or dipping, and giving it a more predictable consistency over time. The workability difference over a period of 100 days is only 5%, and nearly 50% better than the industry standard over a 45-day period. Improved workability on the jobsite translates to less waste and better material efficiency, all of which can lead to new paths to profitability for customers and installers.

In strength studies, Ultra Demon Mortar scored twice as high as conventional mortars, ensuring minimal risk of damage related to thermal contraction, according to the developer. Novel binding materials improve thermodynamic conditions that may reduce the risk of mechanical failure and enhance long-term adhesion.

These same qualities also make Ultra Demon Mortar suitable for hot spot/fill injection when used with a suitable grout pump.

Plibrico Ultra Demon Mortar contains minerals high in aluminum and special aggregates to withstand elevated temperatures and aggressive operating conditions that may damage the internal linings of furnaces, boilers, and vessels for holding and transporting metal and slag.

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