B&L Information Systems
Cloud Based Odyssey 800

Improved Quoting for Metalcasting ERP

May 19, 2020
New maintenance release includes a functions for shipping tools, adding routing comments to a quote, and copying routing instructions to other products.

B&L INFORMATION SYSTEMS issued a new maintenance release to its Odyssey metalcasting-specific enterprise resource planning software, Odyssey 6.2 MR 5.

Odyssey is an ERP product developed specifically for foundries, diecasters, and investment casters. The Odyssey platform includes modules that meet specific functions for metalcasting operations — manufacturing, sales, inventory, quality control, finance, and data analytics —so that information can be shared and received by everyone in the organization.

Among the highlights of the new maintenance release are a function for shipping a tool to an existing supplier, customer, or third party. Also, in quoting capabilities, the software now offers an ability to add routing comments to the quote and copy these comments to the product’s routing instructions.

Another update to the Odyssey quoting functions allows a metalcaster to copy a quote’s routing to an existing product. This may be used, for example, if a product is re-quoted and the routing has changed. With proper security clearance, the software user can "unlock" batches throughout the financial system, to achieve a shortcut to estimate new business costs.

In the Maintenance Management module, when scheduling PMs or using Equipment Analysis, metalcasters now can enter the number of days the PM may be allowed to take. This makes it possible set a due-date based on working days.

“This is one of our largest maintenance releases, comprising over 200 issues addressed. Of those, 50 are enhancement requests, 24 of which were requested through our Customer Feedback Forum," noted Brad Clark, vice president - Research & Development.

"We know that our most important asset for new features is our customer base, so we will continue to dedicate resources to making your enhancements come to fruition,” he added.

All Odyssey release information, including Odyssey 6.2 MR5, is now available through Rapid Support — available within Odyssey Web UI or via the B&L customer portal (Customer Login) for customers on Windows UI. Any assistance needed in the update process is free for any customers on maintenance with B&L. Odyssey customers on the B&L Cloud will be contacted by B&L's Technology Department with the update schedule.

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