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The Kinexon SafeTag wristband device is available in two versions, to establish real-time safeguarding of employees, for large-scale coronavirus protection.

Digital Wearables for Employee Protection

May 19, 2020
A wristband device available in two versions establishes real-time safeguarding of employees, for large-scale coronavirus protection.

KINEXON introduced its SafeZone wristband device in two versions, calling it "the first large-scale, industrial digital solution to combat the coronavirus." The wristband actively warns the wearer as soon as the minimum physical distance to another person is compromised. With optional software, companies can also trace chains of infection and take strategic action. Kinexon SafeZone is immediately available as a plug-and-play device, with no infrastructure required — even for large industrial companies.

The basic version consists of the Kinexon SafeTag, a wearable with an ultra-precise sensor for reliable distance measurement. The sensor warns in real time, audibly as well as visually, as soon as the physical distance has been compromised and the contact duration exceeds a specified time (e.g. > 5 sec.) The Kinexon SafeTag uses ultra-wideband (UWB) technology and can be worn flexibly and comfortably as a wristband or clipped onto clothing.

The extended version, for data protection-compliant tracking of contact chains, allows the wearable device to be extended by software on request. This makes it possible to store relevant data relating to critical contact events (e.g., <6 feet for >5 seconds) and allows for analysis, which is compliant with data protection regulations.

In the event of a positive infection report, potential cases of infection can be identified quickly using the relevant sensor IDs. Due to the high precision of this device, only realistic cases of infection are recorded and the number of employees that need to be isolated is reduced to a minimum. Kinexon does not process any personal data.

“The solution is applicable for all places where people are around — from factories to offices. We offer digital protection that is superior to analog solutions, and at a lower cost. While a qualitative mask costs 90 cents to one euro per day for each employee, the SafeTag costs 60 to 90 cents per day,” explained co-founder and managing director Dr. Oliver Trinchera.

Kinexon SafeZone is available and ready for companies now. Since no infrastructure is required, fast implementation and flexible scaling across production environments or office areas is possible.

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