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Ultra-Low Viscosity, Antimony-Free 3DP Resin

June 15, 2020
Accura Fidelity offers clean burnout for 3Dprinting medium to large, lightweight investment-casting patterns for various metals, including titanium and aluminum alloys — promoting increased casting yields.

3D SYSTEMS is introducing a new printing material and two new post-processing materials for investment casting patterns. Accura Fidelity is an ultra-low viscosity, antimony-free stereolithography (SLA) resin with clean burnout that is designed to create patterns for a variety of castable metals, including titanium and aluminum alloys. When used as part of 3D Systems’ QuickCast process, Accura Fidelity promotes rapid formation of medium to large, lightweight, and easy-to-handle casting patterns, which in turn promotes increased casting yields.

“The new Accura Fidelity material for stereolithography printing has improved the post-processing of our QuickCast investment casting patterns,” said Nancy Holt, director of operations for 3D Systems On Demand. “The low viscosity of this material facilitates better drainage and faster cleaning of the patterns, resulting in an expected increase in throughput by up to 30% as we move into full production with this material."

Holt continued: "The ultimate test is in its castability, and our foundry customers are providing very positive feedback. One customer, SeaCast, said the QuickCast pattern with Accura Fidelity casted extremely well with their process and they were very pleased with the final metal part.”

3D Systems is also introducing a new UV curable class of post-processing materials with Accura Patch and Accura Bond:
  Accura Patch is a high viscosity material designed to fill QuickCast pattern drain holes during post-processing.
  Accura Bond is a high viscosity material created to join various printed patterns together into one large pattern.

Both of these materials also may be used with any of 3D Systems’ SLA resins for creating larger parts and for patching during post processing.

Accura Fidelity is available now. Accura Bond and Accura Patch will be available in July 2020.

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