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Flexible Imaging/Analysis Software for Nonmetallic Inclusions

July 6, 2020
For quality control in steel melting, Olympus Stream v. 2.4.3 provides users with more precision for choosing the areas of the sample to be analyzed, helping speed the inspection process.

Industrial microscope manufacturer OLYMPUS is improving the efficiency of nonmetallic inclusion analysis for steel manufacturers who use Olympus Stream image analysis software. The newly released Olympus Stream version 2.4.3 enables users to more precisely choose the areas of the sample they wish to analyze, helping speed up the inspection process of high-purity steel. New line-measurement features also ease the process of capturing multiple line measurements on a sample, for cleaner reporting.

In high-purity steel manufacturing, it is critical to identify nonmetallic inclusions as part of quality control. This time-consuming process is simplified with Olympus Stream image analysis software. Along with streamlined image capture, the solution offers greater flexibility with a new option to define an area using a polygon rather than a rectangle to improve accuracy, save time, and align better with the sample shape.

The update also provides support for an expanded list of international standards by providing a statistical overview of inclusions on the entire scanned area for the SEP 1571:2017 (method K) standard. The software supports many other common standards, including ASTM E45-18, ISO 4967:2013, DIN 50602:1985, EN 10247:2007, EN 10247:2017, GB/T 10561:2005, JIS G0555:2003 and UNI 3244:1980.

Some inspections require users to measure multiple features on an image, but it can be difficult to review multiple line measurements if they overlap. Olympus Stream software v. 2.4.3 measurement mode lets users simply drag lines and labels to a position where they are easy to read, creating a neat, professional image for analysis.

Now, Olympus Stream software is compatible with Office 365 for generating Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint reports. Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 also work with the software.

All version 2.3 and 2.4 customers may use their existing license card for a free update to Olympus Stream 2.4.3. Customers with licenses for Olympus Stream v. 2.2 or older may purchase an update license to access version 2.4.3.

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