Saint-Gobain Abrasives
New Norton Winter Ironclad™ foundry grinding wheels maximize throughput and parts-per-wheel in automated grinding cells.

Maximum-Throughput Wheels for Automated Grinding

July 21, 2020
Norton Winter Ironclad™ Diamond single-layer superabrasive wheels finish to up to 50% more parts per wheel than electroplated wheels, making them well suited for cast iron fettling, grinding on gates, parting lines, sprues, etc.

SAINT-GOBAIN ABRASIVES introduced the patent-pending Norton Winter Ironclad Diamond single-layer superabrasive wheels, noting these "achieve maximum material removal for increased productivity, especially when used in automated grinding cells."

The developer noted that a strong and durable bond allows its Ironclad wheels finish to up to 50% more parts per wheel compared with electroplated wheels. This makes the Norton Winter Ironclad Wheels well suited for cast ductile iron and gray iron processes, such as fettling and snag grinding on casting gates, parting lines, sprues, etc.

"The advanced, high performance bond has up to 75% grain exposure, offering heat resistance and lubricity to achieve larger depths-of-cut and cooler cutting," according to product manager Andy Schoch. "The unique bond also reduces friction, allowing for lower grinding power.

"Norton Winter Ironclad Wheels provide significantly higher stock removal rates and a lower cost-per-part compared to other standard plated products," he added.

The new wheels produce more burr-free parts, minimizing secondary operations, according to the developer. Further benefits including reduced downtime due to longer wheel life, which extends time between set-ups.  There is less "bluing" of castings even toward the end of the wheel life. And, the new wheels generate significantly less dust and odor compared with traditional bonded wheels, it emphasized, promoting a cleaner and healthier work environment

No wheel dressing is required and the rigid steel hub reduces vibration during CNC grinding. A known grinding wheel location simplifies programming, and a rigid steel hub reduces vibration, resulting in consistent wheel dimensions and minimal wheel wear.

All Norton Winter Ironclad Wheels are made to order, and are available in a variety of profile shapes and wheel sizes for a range of cast iron parts.

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