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Seamless Finishing Wheels

Sept. 8, 2020
Lighter, more pliable, and comfortable materials for de-polishing and matte finishing without harsh and visible transition lines.

SUPERIOR ABRASIVES' Shur-Brite mounted, seamless satin finishing wheels have a seamless structure for de-polishing and matte finishing without harsh and visible transition lines, which often may be visible with traditional flap brushes. Made without a scrim reinforcement, the SHUR-BRITE satin finishing materials are lighter, more pliable, and conformable than other non-woven materials.

Suitable for wet or dry applications, they are resistant to loading and produce consistent performance throughout their extended life.

Available with a 0.35-in. shank, 2-in. width, and 3 or 4-in. diameter, the wheels are offered in medium, fine, and very fine grades.

Aluminum-oxide grains provide long life and withstand high pressure in general purpose applications. Silicon-carbide grains provide a fast cut and uniform finish, with a sharper, finer cut. Slower speeds provide better finishing results, between 3,000 to 4,000 RPM.

The wheels are suitable for use on ferrous, nonferrous, and stainless materials, on applications like blemish removal, flash removal from non-metallic composites, gear and thread cleaning and micro-deburring, stainless steel cleaning and grain finishing, and reducing or blending fine scratch patterns — all without undesired transition lines.

SHUR-BRITE Satin Finishing Wheels also are available in flap and duplex brushes for angle grinders, using an integrated, toolless threaded hub for fast changeover. Learn more at

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