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Software Collects Downtime and Production Efficiency Data

Sept. 22, 2020
Real-time display on any web browser, including mobile devices, plus manufacturing reports, including detailed OEE data in a variety of formats.

WINTRISS CONTROLS GROUP's ShopFloorConnect 6.0 OEE and Shop Floor Data Collection software collect downtime and production efficiency data from every machine in the operation, displaying it in real-time on any web browser including mobile devices, and produces indispensable manufacturing reports, including detailed OEE reports in a variety of formats. The software can increase manufacturing capacity and profitability by identifying and quantifying excessive production losses and bottlenecks, reducing machine downtime by up to 70%.

ShopFloorConnect Version 6.0 has a fresh design format for fast, easy access to all data, offering several new features for more user-friendly reporting and dashboard customization, flexible scheduling capabilities, and machine interface enhancements.

For even better production analysis, users can improve the OEE of their machines by tracking the reasons for scrap. Version 6.0 also allows users to manually enter good and bad part count data when machines with batch processes make it impossible or impractical to automatically count the parts as they are being produced. And to serve customers in North America and across the globe better, this latest program version can handle multiple languages and time zones.

ShopFloorConnect now has the ability to automatically generate conditional alerts from any machine. Each alert is a custom text or email message that is sent to selected recipients whenever preset conditions are met at a machine. The alerts can be used to notify an operator when an unattended machine has stopped running, to alert management when a critical customer job goes down, or to summon specific resources when specific conditions exist at a machine—such as automatically notifying a forklift driver when a scrap bin needs to be replaced. Learn more at

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