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Material Removal Tool for Robotic Deburring, Grinding

Sept. 28, 2020
An "all-in-one" device for light grinding, polishing, blending, and rust/weld spatter removal streamlines the programming process and compensates for part/fixturing misalignments.

ATI INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION has developed an all-in-one, electrically powered material removal tool, the RCE-710 Radially Compliant Electric Material Removal Tool.

The RCE-710 features large bearings, a shaft designed for demanding robotic use, and a variable speed motor with a range of 0 to 13,000 rpm. It is built to handle a diverse array of robotic material removal tasks such as rust and weld spatter removal, blending, polishing, and light grinding.

The electric tool features built-in compliance to simplify and streamline the programming process and to compensate for part and fixturing misalignments. The motor rotates clockwise and counterclockwise and produces continuous torque on the workpiece.

Available as a complete end-effector package, the RCE-710 includes the deburring tool, power and signal cables and connectors, and an easy-to-use controller. This versatile and dynamic material removal solution can perform a wide array of tasks with carbide burrs, brushes, flap wheels, unitized wheels, and a variety of other cutting, grinding, and polishing media. Learn more at visit

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