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Np Klein Palmer Plug Flo 1540

High-Efficiency Pneumatic Sand Transport

Nov. 17, 2020
Lower air pressure and lack of fluidization air boosters reduce air consumption and dust collection requirements.

The KLEIN PALMER INC. Klein Plug Flo® system makes it possible to transport sand through pipelines with very little degradation. Lower air pressure, lack of fluidization air boosters, and the Klein Plug Flo® principle result in lower air consumption, and therefore smaller dust collection system requirements at the receiver. The Klein Plug Flo® system is particularly well suited for granular, free-flowing materials and offers lower wear and abrasion, as well as minimum material separation or reaction during the transport phase.

Individual units achieve operating rates up to 20 tons per hour.

Among the recorded benefits are:
• No fluidization requirement, eliminating product segregation;
• No boosters are required, so system efficiency is improved, and installation costs are lower;
• Lower transport velocities; transport velocity of 40 to 450 fpm results in less material degradation and significantly reduces pipe wear;
• Very low air consumption per ton;
• Standard Schedule 40 pipe, which lowers system installation and initial startup;
• Minimal maintenance due to reduced wear and moving parts; and
• Standard operating sand temp up to 120°F.

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