OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH
Stream Finishing Machine Sf Hp

Precision Finishing for Larger Workpieces

Dec. 14, 2020
A compact machine rounds edges and polishes, smooths, and deburrs surfaces, easily integrating into a production workflow.

The new OTEC PRÄZISIONSFINISH GmbH SF-HP is a compact machine developed to round edges on large workpieces and to polish, smooth, and deburr the surface. It can address surface-finishing needs of an entire product range while integrating easily into a production workflow.

Repeatable high-quality surfaces are guaranteed by OTEC’s Streamfinish-Technology, a pulse-finishing process.

New developments to the SF-HP process include an increase in size of the workpieces that can be processed up to 650 mm diameter and 650 mm long, and an increase in the weight of workpieces up to 200 kg. Also new is an integrated automation solution for holding, machining, and workpiece changing.

A new user interface offers simple and intuitive operation with a 15-in. Multi-Touch color display.

Due to the large number of axis settings of the process head and the spindle, almost any flow-through process media of the workpiece surface is possible

The OTEC machine offers short process times thanks to high machining forces and high flow speeds, promoting high efficiency. A wide range of processing operations is possible, depending on workpiece requirements: smoothing, high-gloss polishing, edge rounding, and deburring.

Integrated, automatic loading of workpieces without external automation allows ergonomic machining of large and heavy workpiece. Simple container changing makes possible multi-step processes using different media. Learn more at www.otecusa.com