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Bluetooth Safety Headphones

Dec. 15, 2020
Two designs, an earmuff headphone and a neck-band type with magnetic earbuds, limit volume to 85 dB and offer 22- to 29-dB noise reduction rating, making them OSHA and NIOSH compliant.

ISOTUNES, a developer of Bluetooth hearing-protection devices, released two new headphone designs, ISOtunes XTRA 2.0 and ISOtunes LINK, offering safety hearing solutions for machine operators. While LINK is the first Bluetooth earmuff headphone for the company, XTRA 2.0 features a redesign of ISOtunes’ best-selling neckband-style line.

These Bluetooth products maintain ISOtunes’ SafeMax Technology while introducing enhancements in design and functionality. Unlike most headphones, all ISOtunes headphones limit the volume to 85 decibels (dB) and offer a noise reduction rating (NRR) between 22 and 29 dB, making them OSHA and NIOSH compliant.

ISOtunes LINK is the company’s first Bluetooth earmuff, perfect for the worker who prefers over-ear hearing protection but refuses to compromise their listening experience. Lightweight and comfortable with a 14+ hour battery life, LINK safely reduces damaging noise by 24 dB. Its noise-isolating microphone also blocks out steady-state noise for clear calls in loud environments.

ISOtunes XTRA 2.0 provides an all-over upgrade to ISOtunes’ best-selling neckband-style line with the same classic magnetic earbuds customers love. With an NRR of 27 dB, XTRA 2.0 is fully water, dust, and sweatproof and comes with an increased battery life of up to 11+ hours. With a redesigned controller, XTRA 2.0 is ISOtunes’ easiest-to-use product for staying connected and protected while you work.

Both ISOtunes LINK and ISOtunes XTRA 2.0 are currently available for pre-order online. Learn more at

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