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Vacuum Cups Power Ergonomic Lifters

April 5, 2021
Round, rectangular, and oval cups in various sizes aid in moving and handling of large, heavy, or unwieldy products.

VI-CAS MANUFACTURING offers a complete range of vacuum cups for ergonomic lifters used in the moving and handling of large, heavy, bulky or unwieldy products. Round, rectangular or oval cups in a variety of sizes are available from stock for immediate shipment for a variety of lift manufacturers, including Cynergy Ergonomics, Indutrol, and others.

Vi-Cas vacuum cups, available in various materials to match the needs of the application, are ideal for vacuum equipment used for lifting, manipulating, or “pick and place” applications. Companies using these cups and vacuum lifters report that fewer injuries and lost-time accidents occur versus manually lifting and positioning. Vacuum cups in sizes and materials are available to suit almost any application including manufacturing environments, finished goods, package handling, scrap removal, food handling, high-temperature materials, and more.

An extensive online catalog—searchable by cup attributes such as diameter, height, width, and more—can be viewed at Vi-Cas can quote custom designs from customer-supplied drawings, or reverse engineer from customer-supplied cups. Learn more at

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