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Corrosion Protection for Automotive Tooling and Dies

May 10, 2021
Ready-to-use, oil/solvent-based liquid packaged in spray cans is easy to atomize over a large surface area, will not clog mold pores, and does not have to be removed.

The CORTEC EcoAir® 325 tool and die rust preventative is a ready-to-use, vegetable oil/solvent-based liquid, packaged in EcoAir® spray cans that rely on compressed air rather than traditional aerosol propellants. It is easy to atomize over a large surface area, such as the interior of an injection mold or die. Unlike mold savers that may clog mold pores and must be cleaned off before use, EcoAir® 325 tool and die rust preventative does not have to be removed. This makes it extremely easy to bring a mold out of shipping or storage and put into use immediately.

One common challenge for molders is finding a place to store large equipment between jobs. Too often, expensive molding equipment ends up outdoors, subject to corrosive conditions that require rust removal by the time the mold is brought back indoors for use. In these situations, EcoAir® 325 can be supplemented by adding a VpCI®-309 Pouch inside the mold cavity and wrapping the entire piece of tooling in MilCorr® VpCI® shrink film. These materials release vapor-phase corrosion inhibitors that find their ways to the metal surfaces to form a protective molecular layer inside the enclosure. On the outside, MilCorr® VpCI® shrink film serves as a tough physical barrier to harsh weathering elements such as UV light, rain, and sometimes even hurricanes. Protection is effective and the materials are easy to remove. Learn more at