Zyter Smart Factories Promo

360-Degree View of Plant, with Analytics

May 31, 2021
Program connects factory-floor machinery, workers, and building systems using IoT technology devices.

ZYTER INC., a digital health and IoT-enablement platform, launched “an end-to-end intelligent program” called Zyter Smart Factories that connects factory floor machinery, workers, and building systems using Internet of Things (IoT) technology devices.

Zyter Smart Factories is a component of the Zyter SmartSpaces IoT platform, which integrates and consolidates data from IoT devices and applications in a seamless interface. It gives manufacturers a 360-degree view of what is happening across the entire factory floor using a network of connected devices and sensors, including safety equipment worn by workers. IoT sensors send alerts and notifications on worker-safety issues, authorization breaches, machinery utilization, and asset monitoring to the Zyter Smart Factories dashboard.

Then, Zyter Smart Factories translates this data to analytics to help manufacturers understand factory productivity and safety metrics, as well as gain insight into other metrics related to factory management, operations and efficiency improvements.

“Zyter Smart Factories meets the increasing demand from manufacturers for IoT technologies that help make the factory run more efficiently,” said Sanjay Govil, founder and CEO of Zyter. “With the analytics gained from complete visibility of the factory floor, machinery monitoring, and worker tracking, manufacturers can make more informed decisions to make their factories smarter, safer, and more productive.”

Primary features of Zyter Smart Factories include:

Factory Floor Productivity provides a continuous stream of real-time data from IoT devices on machinery, material and workers to enable factory managers to plan production runs as well as monitor and quickly address events and incidents to avoid safety issues or loss of productivity.

Worker Safety and Tracking detects and alerts whenever workers remove hard hats, safety goggles, and other gear and also if workers enter unauthorized areas. Zyter Smart Factories can also send machine malfunction safety alerts to notify supervisors and on-site medical personnel to preempt any potential worker injury.

Asset Tracking and Utilization provides real-time data on usage of high-value machinery in terms of running times, usage efficiency, energy consumption, and more. Zyter Smart Factories also has asset tracking capability to quickly locate manufacturing materials or mobile equipment, and send alerts if assets are being moved without authorization.

Ready for 5G connectivity, Zyter Smart Factories lets manufacturers of all sizes upgrade from legacy hard-wired IT and Wi-Fi systems to a private 5G-enabled IT or cellular network that supports multiple IoT devices. Zyter partners with Qualcomm and other telecom companies to provide manufacturers with access to enhanced connectivity services. Learn more at www.Zyter.com/smartfactories.