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Drills Optimized for Cast Aluminum, Iron

Aug. 9, 2021
Optimized designs have three or four flutes and edge prep, with custom material grade and coating selection, to correct cored holes and reduce cycle times.

STAR CUTTER CO.’s core drills are custom-designed and built per application, well-suited for machining cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, valve bodies, fluid power components, and other cast components made of aluminum and iron, including CGI. Based upon review and input from the Star Cutter design team, decisions are made regarding three- or four-fluted design, edge prep, material grade, and advanced coating selection so that each drill is optimized per specific requirements, leading to reduced cycle times.

Used to enlarge or finish holes from a casting’s core pin condition, a major advantage of the Star Cutter core drills is that they are proven to cut straight holes that correct shifts in a cored hole location – which may occur during the casting process.

These drills are also adept at preparing holes for a second pass in tight tolerance reaming, optimizing the hole size and location results.

Designed for use with coolant or Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL), the Star Cutter core drills feature a drill point machined from either a solid part or a cored condition. These tools can be reground multiple times for a very competitive cost per hole. They are also well-suited for interrupted machining operations and can reduce cycle time over traditional two-edge cutting tools.

Available in diameter sizes starting at 8mm, each drill order should be accompanied by a casting and tool layout print.

Multiple diameter step core drill options also are available. Learn more at