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Cooling Vests for Industrial Applications

Aug. 17, 2021
Lightweight garments have a built-in thermal barrier to ensure the wearer does not get too cold. Models can be worn under clothing or as an over-vest, providing core body cooling without freezing. Available in a range of sizes to accommodate any body type

STACOOL INDUSTRIES LLC’s StaCool Vest provides core body cooling without freezing. A thermal barrier is built in to ensure wearer does not get too cold. Models can be worn under clothing or as an over-vest. They are lightweight, even with ThermoPaks installed, and are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate any body type.

Whether elevated ambient temperatures are due to the summer heat or to manufacturing processes like welding, working near furnaces, boilers, or other heat process equipment, maintaining a consistent core body temperature is vital to user safety. Supplying cooling technology, like cool vests, is safer than exposing workers to possible heat related illnesses, and since wearers do not require cooling breaks, they are considerably more productive.

StaCool Industries, LLC, has been manufacturing core body cooling technology since 1997. The StaCool Vest is proven effective for industrial/commercial use as well as for individuals with multiple sclerosis or other conditions that cause susceptibility to heat. Operating room surgeons and technicians rely on StaCool Vest technology to keep them comfortable during long and intense procedures.

StaCool personal cooling vests are available in adult and child sizes to ensure a comfortable fit that does not compromise mobility. With a range of models available, they are ideal for industrial applications as well as MS patients, those susceptible to heat, athletes, and all users in between.

The new easy-to-use website, with intuitive navigation, allows users to search for cooling vests for personal use or industrial applications, compare models available, find and replicate past orders, purchase online, track shipments, and even spread out payments using PayPal®. The site also educates users about heat stress and includes details about cooling vests worn under- or over-clothing, fire retardant vests, child-sizes, and more.

A Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) section addresses common questions posed by customers over the years, and an extensive testimonials section allows users to read about customers’ firsthand experiences. Learn more at