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Updated Simulation Software for Induction Heating

Aug. 31, 2021
CENOS v.3.0 adds multi-CPU acceleration, for faster results, along with an easy-to-set-up scanning application.

The latest version of CENOS induction heating simulation software features industry-standard multi-CPU acceleration, which makes it possible to collect simulation results multiple times faster than before. A novel feature in CENOS is a scanning application, which has been a major selling point so far, now it has become even easier to set up.

“It's like a walk in the park,” according to co-founder and CEO Dr. phys. Mihails Scepanskis, “and last but not least - we've set a very high standard for our customer satisfaction with our instant live chat with support built right into the software – giving direct access to our simulation engineers.”

CENOS is becoming a leading software supplier for the induction heating industry – mainly because of the simple and straightforward user experience and the specialization and focuses on a single industry.  Since its introduction in 2019, CENOS Induction Heating simulation software has been adopted by induction heating equipment manufacturers and induction heating equipment end-users - production plants, mostly enterprises in automotive supply chains and OEM producers.

“We've noticed that there is a synergy between induction-heating equipment manufacturers and end-users, our software is being recommended by manufacturers to their customers,” commented Scepanskis. “We're starting to see signs of mass adoption of the simulation. Also, I expect that the additive manufacturing adoption will double the use of simulation in the next few years.”

Version 3.0 has proved to be very advanced and on a high technological level and raised the customer support standard to a new level.”

CENOS offers interested users a 10-day trial. Learn more at