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Universal Testing Machines for Large Test Loads

Sept. 7, 2021
Inspekt series machines for various load ranges and applications, including for high-strength materials like metals and composites materials, as well as for components that withstand extreme loads.

HEGEWALD & PESCHKE – a developer of machines destructive material testing and testing of components and finished products – is offering the Inspekt series of universal testing machines for a variety of load ranges and areas of application. For example, while a testing machine with a maximum test force of 100 kN is sufficient for most bending and folding tests, according to ISO 7438 or VDA 238, up to 2500 kN are sometimes required for use as a calibration machine.

For metal tensile tests according to DIN EN ISO 6892-1 or screw tests according to DIN EN ISO 898, test forces of up to 400 kN are usually sufficient. In contrast, large chain links can often require maximum forces of up to 1200 kN.

All of these requirements can be met with the testing machines in the inspekt series.

Testing machines are used in almost all industries, and for material and component testing according to variety of test methods. Especially for high-strength materials, such as many metals and modern composite materials, as well as for components that have to withstand extreme loads, such as screws and chains, testing machines are required that achieve the highest precision with maximum test loads.

The modern Harmonic Drive® drive technology coupled with a powerful AC drive optimizes control behavior and enables increased test speeds. This makes the testing machines suitable for static material testing as well as for alternating and permanent loads.

The flexible design of the testing machines is reflected in the variable test room heights and widths as well as an optional side test room in addition to two vertically arranged test rooms. This arrangement enables different test tasks to be carried out without converting the test tools.

Peripheral devices (e.g. ovens, temperature chambers) and additional measuring and control channels can be easily connected as standard. The user-friendly LabMaster test software ensures the optimal interaction of the individual components of the test system. The extensive range of specimen grips, test tools, and strain gauges ensures compatibility with a wide variety of test methods and secure clamping of the specimens. Learn more at