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Sleeves for Fluoride Emission-Free Casting

Sept. 21, 2021
Ram-up feeder sleeves improve green-sand molding yield and feeding, reducing environmental impact and lowering disposal costs without compromising exothermic performance.

FOSECO’s new FEEDEX FEF range of feeder sleeves deliver fluoride-emission-free performance and increase yield for high-pressure green-sand iron casting. Foundries will achieve sustainability and pouring performance targets using the fluoride-emission-free, low-VOC, highly exothermic and high-strength feeder sleeve material.

Available for the complete range of ram-up feeder sleeves, the novel formulation sets a new standard in sustainability and best in-class feed performance for high-pressure automatic molding lines to deliver on the increasing demands of casting today’s iron applications. Ongoing weight reduction, alloy developments, and the demand for improved mechanical applications are driving constant change.

FEEDEX FEF supports the industry’s focus on reducing and eliminating harmful emissions and hazardous waste, being both fluoride emission free and lower in VOC than market alternatives.

At the same time, it delivers the highest thermal and feed performance and offers the simple application, consistency and high strength of conventional low-fluoride FEEDEX HD products, which makes the new feeder sleeves particularly well-suited for high-pressure automatic molding lines.

“With the launch of FEEDEX FEF sleeve material, Foseco is proud to offer a highly sustainable and strongly performing feeder sleeve formulation,” commented Christof Volks, International Marketing Manager. “Importantly, we also realize another major step forward in our commitment to setting the benchmark for sustainability in the foundry industry. Our target is to become the first supplier to offer fully fluoride-emission-free feeder sleeves across our entire feeding product portfolio.” Learn more at