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Np Brm Abrasive Nylon Wheel Brush 800

Abrasive Nylon Wheels for Hard Metal Surfaces

Sept. 27, 2021
Silicon-carbide filaments for grinding equipment or CNC machinery provide extended service with less breakage and high performance, for surface finishing, cleaning, polishing, deburring, etc.

For aggressive deburring/surface finishing, BRUSH RESEARCH MANUFACTURING is offering a wheel brush with abrasive nylon filaments made of silicon carbide – or diamond grit for the hardest metals and alloys. The powered wheel brushes are used for surface finishing, cleaning, polishing, deburring, edge blending, or removing paint, rust or other contamination. They can be used with grinding equipment or CNC machinery.

Unlike wire filaments that can break off or deform when used with hard materials, even if crimped, the construction of these composite hub radial wheel brushes provides a long-lasting wheel with less filament breakage and superior performance.

Such an abrasive nylon wheel brush can easily penetrate slots to push out and remove burrs. The abrasive-filled nylon filaments are set into molded cores, allowing higher filament densities and putting more cutting tips at the point of attack.

The extremely durable filaments also are also self-sharpening, providing excellent performance and wear life. As the brushes contact the work surface, the filament grit wears off, exposing new cutting particles, so the brush continues to be sharp even after repeated use. Learn more at