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Real-Time Temperature Data for Heat Treatment

Oct. 5, 2021
System tracks furnace data to improve furnace performance and throughput by providing heating conditions and analytics needed to adjust settings with confidence.

FLUKE PROCESS INSTRUMENTS’ Datapaq® Furnace Tracker System provides real-time temperature data with a new data logger and new, patented thermal barriers for measuring temperatures throughout the heat-treatment process.

The new Datapaq TP6 data logger is designed to withstand the longest, most-demanding operating temperatures and is IP67-rated for water resistance. Users can ensure product quality and process efficiency with an accurate, repeatable system that can measure temperatures throughout the entire heat treatment process.

The Datapaq system’s new range of patented quenchable thermal barriers allows furnace operators to save costs and eliminate the need for messy and costly fiber blankets. It also helps to reduce set-up times and the risk of failed runs by using the free Insight™ for mobile app to identify broken thermocouples quickly and easily on the factory floor.

Operators can confirm the process is accords with AMS2750 and CQi-9 certifications. They can improve furnace performance and throughput by providing temperature data and analytics needed to adjust furnace settings, and to optimize product quality by monitoring product temperature from within the furnace. Learn more at