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Compact, Plug-and-Play Part-Cleaning System

Oct. 11, 2021
Large-batch capacity, improved washing mechanics and wash fluid reconditioning, plus energy-optimized technology with effective heat recovery, keep unit-cleaning costs low even when cleanliness requirements are high.

The newest entry in ECOCLEAN’s EcoCcompact series of solvent-based part-cleaning system has a large batch capacity, improved washing mechanics and wash fluid reconditioning, as well as energy-optimized system technology with effective heat recovery – all to keep unit cleaning costs low even when cleanliness requirements are high. The small footprint and flexible changeover between hydrocarbons and modified alcohols also contribute to the economic efficiency of the compact, plug-and-play cleaning system.

Increasingly stricter demands on component quality and rising product diversity call for increasingly complex and versatile part-cleaning processes. Competitiveness also make it necessary to minimize resource consumption and unit cleaning costs. The new EcoCcompact has been adapted to meet these requirements. The compact machine requires just 3,200x1,600x2,450 mm (LxWxH) of space, and allows operators to switch easily between hydrocarbons and modified alcohols (semi-polar solvents) during ongoing operation without any conversion work.

The machine comes with two or three fully-integrated flood tanks, each fitted with a filtration system in the supply and return lines in the form of bag-type or high-performance filters and bypass filtration. This flexibility optimizes results in short cycles, from pre-cleaning and intermediate cleaning tasks to final cleaning and preservation.

On one hand, the working chamber’s standard 550-mm diameter means 10% greater batch capacity than that of a conventional system; and at the same time the high flooding volume means that parts are fully immersed in the wash fluid during the process.

In addition, the frequency-controlled flood pumps not only ensure that the working chamber is filled and emptied quickly, but also achieve a high mechanical cleaning effect during the standard injection flood washing step. This can be enhanced further by integrating an optional, frequency-controlled rotary drive to rotate and position the parts to be cleaned in a specific way.

Besides the high capacity and effective washing mechanism, the EcoCcompact’s energy-optimized system technology makes the machine more economically efficient. For example, the second and third flood tanks are warmed by heat recovered from the distillation process. Thanks to the efficient distillation process, the machine also has low solvent requirements.

A seven-inch HMI touch panel and self-explanatory pictograms guarantee simple, safe, and fast operation. Integrated parts visualization makes process tracking and maintenance easier and more intuitive.

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