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The Bühler Carat 920 HPDC machine.

New High-Pressure Diecasting Machines

Nov. 30, 2021
Carat 840 and Carat 920 two-platen machines extend the portfolio as the automotive industry’s demand for larger and more complex parts continues to increase.

BÜHLER introduced two new high-pressure diecasting machines to address automotive demand for larger and more complex parts. The Carat 840 and the Carat 920 machines achieve locking forces of up to 92,000 kilonewtons (kN.)

The Carat portfolio is Bühler’s product line for manufacturing large diecastings.

“We see a huge increase in the demand for ever larger machines. With our Carat 840 and Carat 920 we can offer our customers solutions for large structural parts with complex geometries and new body-in-white parts,” according to Cornel Mendler, managing director.

According to Bühler its vision for future diecasting operations is, “0% scrap, 40% less cycle time, and 24/7 uptime,” and as the products increase in size there is a corresponding increase in the opportunity to reduce scrap and cycle times, with increased system availability. The Carat 840 and Carat 920 designs “positively impact the quality of these complex, thin-walled parts, which require an extremely powerful and accurate injection unit and a homogenous locking force application,” it stated.

The Carat two-platen series comes with a patented and stiffened platen design for homogenous clamping force application, allowing minimum deflection and a high degree of casting dimensional accuracy.

Bühler’s real-time controlled injection unit and its DataView control system contribute to process quality and repeatability.

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