Even in case of complex die-castings the continuous flow RDGE 1000-4 wire mesh belt blast machine, equipped with four (4) high-performance Gamma 300G turbines, produces excellent blast results in shorter cycle times and with a lower energy consumption.

Versatile, Continuous-Flow Blasting Machine

Dec. 7, 2021
The RDGE 1000-4 wire-mesh belt blasting machine handles de-sanding, de-burring, surface texturing, cleaning, and surface finishing for flat, large, and complex workpieces, in continuous flow operation.

RÖSLER OBERFLÄCHENTECHNIK GmbH is offering the RDGE 1000-4 wire-mesh belt blasting machine for the all-around cleaning of flat, large, and complex workpieces in continuous flow operation. Among shot blasting machines, it “fully meets all requirements for efficient and sustainable production methods,” according to the developer.

With a flexible design the RDGE 1000-4 can handle all the important blast cleaning tasks in diecasting and general foundry operation, including de-sanding, de-burring, surface texturing, cleaning, and surface finishing in continuous flow operation. The RDGE 1000-4 guarantees stable and cost-efficient shot blasting, as castings are transported through the shot blast machine on a wear-resistant one-piece wire-mesh belt with a width of 1,000 mm.

In its standard version the machine is equipped with four (4) Gamma 300G turbines. Alternatively, the system can be supplied with eight (8) turbines. The optimal turbine placement on the roof and the bottom of the blast chamber ensures that even the most complex workpieces with pockets and undercuts can be reliably blasted across the entire belt width.

One reason for the excellent shot blast results is the “Y” shape of the throwing blades used in the high-performance turbines designed by Rösler.

Compared to conventional turbines, the blade design in the Gamma turbines significantly increases the throwing and impact speed of the blast media. The effect is an up to 20% higher blast performance and, at the same time lower energy consumption. Even when using blast media with a relatively low weight, such as aluminum cut wire, the blast results are achieved within considerably shorter cycle times. This helps not only to reduce the operating costs, but also to make the whole shot blasting process more sustainable.

In addition, the fact that both sides of the throwing blades can be used, saves valuable resources and lowers the costs even further. The throwing blades can be exchanged with a special quick-change system without having the dismount the turbine from its housing.

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