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Palmer Manufacturing & Supply portable rotary degasser.

Portable Rotary Degasser for Molten Aluminum

Feb. 15, 2022
Versatile system uses a partial pressure test unit to eliminate hydrogen porosity in molten metal and castings.

Whenever degassing is a requirement of the melting process, it is desirable to verify the effectiveness of the degassing process. PALMER MANUFACTURING & SUPPLY supplies a simple, easy-to-use partial pressure test unit for this verification.

To use, an operator warms a sample cup, dips the cup into the furnace for a metal sample, and then places the sample into the vacuum chamber, starting the vacuum pump. The anti-vortex shaft design prevents oxides from being sucked into the melt, and the aluminum solidifies under a vacuum causing any entrained hydrogen gas bubbles to expand greatly. Once solid and cooled, the sample is cut in half and compared to the chart below for gas level analysis.

In addition to the rotary degasser – combining an air regulator, filter, and lubricator – the lightweight system (37 lbs., including an optional leg assembly) can be used without a hoist, so it is versatile enough to be used with ladles, dip-out furnaces, or crucibles with capacities from 50 to 3,00 lbs.

A ¾-HP variable-speed air motor powers the process. The unit includes the 25-lbs., 8.5x11 in. stainless steel body with a suspension hook positioned 11 inches above it.

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