Titan Abrasive System
Titan Abrasive System blast cabinet with lifting bards added to the steel frame.

Blast Cabinet with Integrated Lifting Bars

Feb. 15, 2022
Lifting bars make it possible for a forklift to gain a firm hold, keeping the tines away from the cone, and minimize the chance of damage to a cabinet’s steel frame during moving or positioning.

The TITAN ABRASIVE SYSTEMS blast cabinet is built to withstand day-to-day wear and tear - including abuse from forklifts – because the rugged, 12-gauge all-welded steel frame will not bend, fold, or twist.

Often, a blast cabinet has to be moved to a different part of a plant or facility using a forklift. The problem? Due to the flimsy sheet metal used to construct the legs on most blast cabinets, they are extremely susceptible to forklift damage, whether it’s bent legs, crushed cones, or general destruction.

Now, with the addition of lifting bars, the chance of forklift damage to the cabinet is virtually eliminated. The bars are simply slid into the structural steel frame before lifting the cabinet, giving the forklift a secure hold and keeping the tines away from the vulnerable cone.

Over two years in development, Titan’s patent-pending, heavy-duty blast cabinet delivers high performance, reduced operating costs and improved productivity — all in a user-friendly design.

Brandon Acker, Titan Abrasive Systems president, noted that the development of the lifting bars maintains with company’s standard of innovation. “Our blast cabinets have incorporated a variety of exclusive features unmatched in the industry,” he said. “Whether it’s the structural steel frame, leak-proof doors, or proximity sensors, we’ve set the bar for innovation. The new lifting bars raise the bar a little bit higher.”

He explained that the purpose for adding lifting bars was to make the industry’s sturdiest blast cabinet even more solid.

“Over the years we’ve seen a lot of used equipment come through our trade-in program. As items passed through our facility, we took note of problems, including blast cabinets with dented frames and bashed-in side panels. So, we knew that the structural steel frame that we use was absolutely necessary, but it wasn’t enough.

“The lifting bars removed the potential damage from forklift usage,” he added. “When it comes to ensuring that our cabinets last a lifetime, we’ve left nothing to chance.”

Every Titan blast cabinet is supplied with two rigid, steel channel, double-panel doors with knife edge. Lift-off hinges allow for fast on-off door removal, eliminating the troublesome welded hinges of the past. Full-opening doors maximize work chamber capacity and ease loading of larger parts. Plus, self-adjusting dual door latches lock at two points, creating a perfect, dust-free seal every time.

Other features of the Titan blast cabinet include an LED window-frame light to aid visibility while blasting; bolt-in floor supports, making it simple to replace worn supports and the metal floor; and 100% electrical controls to deliver the fastest response time. A customizable control panel, easy-change gloves, and moveable foot pedal increase the cabinet’s ease of use and smooth operation.

The Titan blast cabinet line is delivered with a small, cartridge dust collector designed specifically for blast cabinet use; an adjustable media reclaim system, with wear plate; and a three-cubic-foot pressure vessel with 1.25-in. piping.

Additional design options can be added as part of the RFQ or post-purchase. Learn more at www.titanabrasive.com.