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Scanning an automotive engine block with the 2022 Artec Leo 3D scanner.

3D Scanner Updated for Greater Accuracy, More Power

March 21, 2022
The 2022 Artec Leo 3D scanner offers multicore processing, plus a new user interface and screen making it faster and easier to operate.

EXACT METROLOGY is offering the 2022 Artec Leo 3D scanner, from Artec 3D, with modifications that offer customers guaranteed accuracy, more power, improved color capture, and a multi-language interface.

The new NVIDIA Jetson TX2 processor in this scanner runs at more than twice the power of its predecessor, while consuming less than 7.5 watts. It’s equipped with multi-core processing with the NIVIDIA Denver 2, adding two cores and more horsepower to establish a heterogeneous multi-processor architecture, with 2GHz on each of the six cores.

The 2022 Leo also features a new a new user interface and a screen that’s easier to use, according to the supplier.

Accuracy is guaranteed with a new calibration certificate. To test the accuracy, every scanner is calibrated with highly precise reference objects in different positions within the scanner’s working volume, using different parts of the scanner’s sensor and at different distances. Also, a calibration kit has been introduced so users can independently check the scanner accuracy and adjust the parameters. The new Auto Temperature Control means that the scanner can regulate its operation and keep its components at optimal operating temperature for capturing data at maximum accuracy.

Building on the scanner’s advanced color-capture capabilities, the 2022 Leo has algorithms to automatically adjust the brightness level when scanning, providing true-to-life evenly lit color 3D models without the need for manual correction. The new texture optimization algorithm has reduced the size of the texture by 2x, making it faster to process and load data for creating 3D color models.

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