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machiNetCloud automatically captures, analyzes, and track machine downtime, providing managers with data in order to maximize OEE and plant productivity.

Real-Time IIoT for Diecasting

April 25, 2022
Cloud-based function provides secure, dependable, remote access to diecasting machine data, at anytime and from any location.

SHIBAURA MACHINE, a supplier of injection molding machines, machine tools, and diecasting machines, has launched machiNetCloud, an industrial IoT service providing manufacturers with secure, dependable, remote access to real-time machine data – at anytime, from any location.

“Simply put, machiNetCloud puts real-time data of connected machines at the user’s fingertips,” according to Michael Werner, IIoT customer success manager. “It allows users from any location to remotely access, analyze, and monitor real-time data of machinery connected in an automation cell, quickly and accurately.”

Using Remote Access, rather than waiting hours or days for a technician to arrive on site and diagnose problems that must be fixed, authorized users and third-party vendors can monitor machines remotely and access that data quickly, and to respond appropriately with a technician or spare parts.

Should a problem arise, machiNetCloud automatically alerts third-party technicians and internal users by email and SMS, helping reduce downtime and save on maintenance costs.

One of machiNetCloud’s key features is its intuitive customer portal, providing users with a suite of applications for reviewing key performance indicators showing the operating status of a factory, even in remote locations. “It’s one of the most dependable, secure methods available for manufacturers to measure and track data, helping them improve their facility’s overall equipment efficiency,” Werner said.

Another feature of machiNetCloud is its ability to automatically capture, analyze, and track machine downtime, providing managers with the data they need to better utilize continuous improvement resources in order to maximize OEE and plant productivity.

In addition to downtime tracking, the system offers real-time condition monitoring, historical performance and production analytics, applications for managing quality, production recipes and energy, and more.

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