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Brass Knuckle Midnight safety glasses.

Safety Eyewear Combats Dust, Debris, and Fog

June 7, 2022
Glasses designed for comfortable, wraparound fit, with anti-fog protection to keep vision clear in high-moisture/high-heat conditions and 99.99% UV protection.

BRASS KNUCKLE SAFETY PRODUCTS has developed eyewear that handles dust, debris, fog, or other factors that impair a worker’s vision? Midnight (BKDST-1050AFP) safety glasses combine a face-tight gasket, SideShield, and wraparound protection that makes work comfortable for the wearer; and the lenses feature BK-Anti-FOG+ anti-fog protection to keep vision clear in high-moisture, high-heat conditions.

Each pair features a removable gasket made of soft-but-tough EVA foam, forming a dust filter that completely fills the gap between the glasses and the face, to seal in eyes and keep out dust. When opened to wear, exclusive SideShield earpieces meet extended lenses at a tight seam for wraparound protection against dust ingress.

Brass Knuckle bonds the BK-Anti-FOG+ anti-fog protection directly to the lens, adhering to a standard 45-times tougher than the most stringent anti-fog standard in the world: When developing its line of fog-fighting protective eyewear, there was no antifog standard in the U.S., so Brass Knuckle began developing its science to meet EN 166/168.

Each lens also offers 99.99% UV protection.

This rugged, versatile eyewear remains lightweight and is paired with firm, flexible earpieces that hug the face but provide all-day comfort. It also meets industry test requirements (ANSI Z87.1, EN166UV) and offers abrasion and chemical resistance.

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