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Onex Inc.
Onex Inc. Black Diamond NBSiC ceramic shapes.

Nitride-Bonded Silicon Carbide Ceramic Shapes

Aug. 12, 2022
High-performance ceramics for furnace and kiln furniture, and custom precast and formed shapes, offering abrasion- and impact-resistance, high temperature tolerance, and improved performance.

ONEX INC. debuted Black Diamond high-performance ceramic products, including nitride-bonded silicon carbide (NBSiC) furnace and kiln furniture, such as saggers, muffle sections, exhaust sacks, abrasion sleeves, and crucibles. Onex also uses silicon carbide to form custom precast and formed shapes, which it supplies to diecasters, nonferrous foundries, and graphitizing and heat-treating industries.

NBSiC can extend the lifecycle of ceramic components exposed to abrasion or corrosive atmospheres. Industries that use

Silicon carbide components are used in automotive production (specifically, products used to manufacture lithium-ion EV batteries) and graphite production.

NBSiC offers greater abrasion resistance, higher temperature tolerance, chemical resistance, and impact resistance than most other silicon-carbide grades. Black Diamond NBSiC products provide improved product performance, increased throughput via reduced downtime, lower overall costs based upon improved performance, and the ability to plan maintenance based upon consistent performance.

The Black Diamond line was developed in response to a particular need: “A customer who specializes in graphite applications reached out with a sourcing issue,” recalled v.p.-Sale Michael Ducato. “They could not reliably receive the nitride-bonded silicon carbide they needed, at the quantity and quality they required, from their overseas supplier.

“Our business culture is focused on providing solutions,” Ducato continued. “We saw an opportunity to be of service to our graphite client as well as the larger U.S. manufacturing community. That’s all it took for our team to be focused on providing the best quality NBSiC possible. We also knew Onex’s 40-years of experience with precast shapes would support customers with any industry-specific requirements.”

Black Diamond silicon carbide products are super-heated in a nitrogen atmosphere furnace, ensuring a domestic supply. And, drawing on years of design experience, Onex can assist customers with design support for custom-formed shapes, including large and complex shapes.

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