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Unified Solver Offers Performance, Flexibility, Ease-of-Use

Sept. 27, 2022
FLOW-3D-2022 release – FLOW-3D, FLOW-3D HYDRO and FLOW-3D CAST – combines the workstation and HPC versions of FLOW-3D into a single solver engine, for any type of hardware architecture.

FLOW SCIENCE INC. released the FLOW-3D 2022R2 product family that includes FLOW-3D, FLOW-3D HYDRO and FLOW-3D CAST. In the 2022R2 release, Flow Science has unified the workstation and HPC versions of FLOW-3D to deliver a single solver engine capable of taking advantage of any type of hardware architecture, from single node CPU configurations to multi-node parallel high performance computing executions. Additional developments include a new log conformation tensor method for visco-elastic flows, continued solver speed performance improvements, advanced cooling channel and phantom component controls, improved entrained air functionalities, as well as boundary condition definition improvements for civil and environmental engineering applications.

“By combining the workstation and HPC versions of our products, we are making the latest HPC optimizations available to our workstation users who run on lower CPU core counts, removing the delay for our HPC customers getting their hands on the latest developments, and maintaining only one unified code base, which makes our development efforts that much more efficient. With this release, we’re going to be nimbler and faster to market than ever before,” stated Dr. Amir Isfahani, president & CEO of Flow Science.

Flow Science develops simulation software products that offer multi-physic solutions with diverse modeling capabilities, including fluid-structure interaction, moving objects, and multiphase flows.

FLOW-3D products are supplied with high-level support, video tutorials, and access to an extensive set of example simulations. Customers also can take advantage of Flow Science’s CFD Services to augment their product experience, including customized training courses, HPC resources and flexible cloud computing options.

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