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The LBG air-handling unit.

Air Conditioning Plus Coolant Filtration

Oct. 25, 2022
The LBG air-handling unit guarantees 100-percent air exchange and uses residual energy from production and peripheral systems to heat/cool the plant atmosphere.

Recently VOMAT introduced a new air-conditioning unit that converts excess energy from production and peripheral machines – e.g., grinding machines, oil extraction systems, machine pumps, etc. – and can then use that energy to heat or cool the plant atmosphere via the air conditioning shafts, with an accuracy of +/- 1 degree Celsius.

"Our new full air conditioning system consists of a central exhaust air-extraction system and a fresh air supply unit,” explained Steffen Strobel, technical sales manager at Vomat. “On the one hand, this ensures 100-percent air exchange with optimal air distribution in the production area without recirculation.

“On the other hand,” he continued, “the system is designed in such a way that exhaust air heat, for example, as well as existing residual energy in heat pump operation can be used for both heating and cooling - and this is up to 60 percent more energy-efficient than conventional air conditioning systems."

In addition, there is the option of regulating humidity or dehumidifying the air in the rooms to be air-conditioned. Vomat manufactures customized solutions ranging from standard solutions to special complete solutions.

Resource conservation and energy efficiency are also the focus for KSS fine filtration, in addition to high productivity. "Our systems manage the balancing act between productivity and environmentally friendly production,” Strobel said, “because sustainability also has to do with getting the maximum out of the entire process. The bottom line is that Vomat technology saves many resources, such as machines, working time, space, energy and raw materials."

To ensure a high level of production and quality – and to exploit rationalization and sustainability potential – Vomat provides high-performance filtration systems, from individual to central filter systems. Despite compact design with low space requirements, they combine all technical advantages and provide clean oil in NAS 7 quality (3-5 µm) to the grinding system over a long period of time, for example during tool grinding.

In addition to full-flow filtration thanks to special high-performance precoat filters for 100 percent separation of dirty and clean oil, the energy efficiency of Vomat technology is a particular advantage: Vomat systems filter and rinse as required with controlled temperature control. This means that the backwash cycles are controlled depending on the degree of contamination of the filter elements. This extends the service life of the filter elements and saves energy and costs.

"Vomat systems adapt to the production sequence,” Strobel explained. “For example, if grinding machines are running more slowly, only the required amount of coolant is filtered. If a Vomat central system filters several grinding machines and some of them are not in operation, the filter capacity automatically adapts to the cutting volume. At the same time, less cooling power is required. This further reduces energy consumption."

The systems for maintaining water-miscible cooling lubricants are also new, such as the fully automatic mixing and dosing system (MDS) that regulates the defined ratio of water quantity and cooling lubricant concentrate with high precision. An analysis tool (AS) determines the content of process-destabilizing contaminants during the filtration process, which then are removed via a special extrusion system (ES). "Our new dosing system is modular, energy-efficient and compact. The modules can be connected to all common filtration systems on the market and help to significantly increase the service life of cooling lubricant," Strobel said.

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