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The EcoCvelox combines five-axis high-pressure deburring, various part cleaning technologies and drying processes with dynamic and quick part-handling technology. An integrated CAD/CAM interface makes programming for high-pressure deburring quick and easy.

Systems for Volume Deburring, Parts Cleaning

Oct. 31, 2022
One offers five-axis high-pressure deburring, part cleaning and drying processes, plus part handling. Another is a plug-and-play system for various high-precision cleaning tasks.

Recently, ECOCLEAN presented two systems for high-volume precision cleaning, the EcoCvelox and the UCMSmartLine.  

The EcoCvelox volume deburring system is a cost-efficient system for volume deburring of parts for hydraulic and pneumatic systems, pumps and valves, transmissions, and other mechatronic systems, and includes an integrated, linear transport system. It combines 5-axis high-pressure deburring with various part cleaning technologies like flood washing, spraying, targeted rinsing and ultrasound and drying processes (e.g. high speed blowing and vacuum drying) in an efficient and space-saving way.

The modular design allows users to configure individual systems that merge high-pressure deburring, part cleaning, and drying, and to expand them as needs evolve. The standard modules are rated for parts measuring 200x200x200 mm, which are supplied on pallets. Part processing is done in cycle times of 15 seconds per pallet.

A CAD / CAM interface is integrated for quick and easy programming of high-pressure deburring – either with a single spindle or a high-pressure turret with up to five tools. In conjunction with the highly dynamic parts handling system, it ensures that process sequences for new workpieces can be implemented in the shortest possible time.

The UCMSmartLine is a “plug-and-play” system for cleaning parts for high-precision applications, e.g., in medical engineering systems, optics, microtechnology, semiconductor manufacturing, cutting tools, or any applications that face strict requirements for particulate and film-like contamination. The UCMSmartLine is a flexible and cost-effective solution with a modular design for compact, ultrasonic multi-chamber immersion cleaning.

The ultrasonic cleaning modules are heated and fitted with a filter circuit as standard, and can be adapted to suit a wide range of applications. This is done by using single, dual, or multi-frequency ultrasonic units. The parts are dried by infrared radiation heat, hot air, or under vacuum. Depending on the application, these drying technologies also can be used in combination. Inside the plug-and play machine, the parts are conveyed by a standard automatic transport system with servo drive.

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