Siemens SIMOTICS SD200 frame size 440, low-voltage, severe-duty AC motors are designed for use in harsh environments with Division II, Class 1 and 2 conditions present.

Low-Voltage, Severe-Duty AC Motors

Jan. 17, 2023
Cast-iron motors with 75- to 800-hp output meet or exceed NEMA Premium® efficiency standards fpr harsh operating environments.

SIEMENS offers the SIMOTICS SD200 severe-duty motor in frame size 440. The NEMA-rated, low-voltage SIMOTICS motors provide high productivity and energy-efficient operation in all torque ranges, to power pumps, fans, compressors, hoists, winders and similar equipment in harsh environments. With a three-year warranty, the SD200 motors offer 75-800-hp output and feature 444-5013 cast-iron frames for operation in 460-V and 575-V ranges. They meet or exceed NEMA Premium® MG1 Table 12-12 efficiencies.

A selection of options is offered, including IP56 ingress protection, encoders, brakes, and blowers plus others to suit the applications presented.

On these motors, the frame, end-shields, fan guard and easy-access, diagonally split, oversized terminal box are all cast-iron. Complementing this construction are zinc-plated hardware, epoxy paint and stainless-steel nameplates for long life and easy identification in the field. An offset rotor bar provides improved efficiency, while larger bars and end rings reduce resistance.

Each diecast aluminum rotor assembly is dynamically balanced for extended bearing life and includes a high-strength C1045 carbon steel shaft for maximum performance. Premium C5-grade steel laminations and copper magnet wire are standard.

For insulation, the Class-H non-hygroscopic system with NEMA Class B temperature rise provides an extra margin of thermal life. The insulation system meets or exceeds NEMA MG1 2014 Part 31, making these motors suitable for variable speed drives in constant torque (4:1) and variable torque (20:1). All windings are tested for Corona Inception Voltage (CIV).

“One of the features of the SD200 is its flexibility in the field, as the motor can be switched from F1 to F2 and F3 orientation with ease. Plus, the safety features on this new line are unmatched by competition,” explained Oscar Palafox, Siemens product manager for low-voltage NEMA motors.

He continued: “Full H-Class conformity provides winding protection, while the swivel hooks are a significant improvement over eyehooks for handling of these heavy units. In addition, the Siemens composite insulation on the SD200 is a cost-saver over the ceramic bearing alternative with ten times the resistance of other solutions in the market. Finally, the NEMA Premium® efficiency is a guarantee of long performance life with very tight deviation of losses. Shaft current remains more consistent for better uptime.”

The motors also offer Division II, Class 1 (gas) and Class 2 (dust) protection.

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