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Cleaning and Sorting Conveyor

Jan. 24, 2023

AUMUND FÖRDERTECHNIK GmbH – which develops transport and conveying systems for foundries – has designed and commissioned a special flat-plate conveyor for cleaning and sorting castings at German foundry Hawle Guss GmbH, a manufacturer of parts for gas and water distribution systems, such as taps, hydrants, and valves. The conveyor supports the foundry’s processes for degating, sorting, and cleaning of castings.

An Aumund flat-bed conveyor was supplied in 2021 to transport material from a basement-level production space to the next process stage, on the ground floor. In August 2022, as part of the next stage of expansion, the cleaning and sorting conveyor was commissioned.

Aumund metallurgical specialists based the project that had been supplied to foundries decades ago, and of which only a few photos and not a single drawing remained. Together with the customer they developed a completely new cleaning and sorting conveyor with an overall length of 11.45 m and an operational area of 8 m.

The previous heavy exposure to noise and vibration was almost completely eliminated. The result is a considerable improvement in working conditions and at the same time a reduction in energy consumption.

The flat surface provides a comfortable working height for sorting and cleaning the castings without danger of obstruction. The design of the conveyor plates was optimized to avoid any cracks at the edges, and to enable the castings to be ejected sideways. At the same time a degree of mechanical stability is achieved that is sufficient to enable operation with a manipulator.

Because of the high tensile strength of the plates, impact loads of up to approximately 2.5 mt can be tolerated without causing any deformations. The conveyor was designed in such a way that all key structural components could be housed internally. With vibratory technology and hydraulic components no longer required, all advantages of a simple and reliable mechanical conveying equipment are at the forefront.

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