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Kwik Mark Inc.
The model KM-64 dot peen marker.

Versatile Dot-Peen Marking Systems

Feb. 7, 2023
Benchtop or handheld models, or integrated systems, allow manufacturers to automate the direct part-marking process, ensuring 100% part traceability.

KWIK MARK INC. dot-peen equipment systems – from benchtop and handheld models to integrated processes – suit most industrial marking applications and can engrave on materials ranging from hardened tool steels to fragile plastics. Dot-peen marking technology allows manufacturers to automate the direct part marking process, ensuring 100% reliable part traceability.

Kwik Mark Inc. dot peen marking systems provide manufacturers with the ability to place high-quality marks on products consistently and quickly, enhancing productivity.

The model KM-64 dot peen marker — manufactured in the U.S. — is a chip-less engraver ideal for marking tags, legends and machine parts with high-resolution images. The dot-peen marking process “floats” on the material surface during the marking operation, making it ideal for flat, curved, or irregular surfaces. The system has built-in serializing, date coding and graphic engraving functions.

The machines are self-contained, requiring no PC for operation, and feature the latest embedded control technology with a dual-memory embedded processor with compact flash card. There is no software to learn or manuals to read: using the Express Text feature, operators press one key and enter text on the keyboard provided to apply the mark. Or using the patented iTeach jog-and-teach function operators are able to use the marking tip as a “pointer” to define the text path.

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