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With a 25-kg payload and 190-cm reach, plus vision capabilities and Artificial Intelligence, the TM25S also offers improvements in speed and repeatability.

New Cobot with Built-in Vision, AI

May 22, 2023
The 25-kg payload TM25S is introduced together with the TMflow 2 Series software designed to make robotic programming and operation safer, easier, and smarter, with an enhanced user experience that reduces programming time.

TECHMAN ROBOT launched the TM AI Cobot TM25S, a 25-kg payload collaborative robot (cobot) with a reach of 190-cm (claimed to be the longest reach of any 25-kg payload segment), as well as a built-in vision system and AI technology. This combination allows the cobot to perform tasks with precision and efficiency, from machine tool tending to assembly operations, offering the option to integrate with existing processes as well as improved productivity.

The new model introduces other performance improvements to the TM AI Cobot S Series. Enhanced motor speed increases cycle time by 25%, and certain models of the cobot series achieve a 70% improvement in repeatability, with precision reaching 0.03 mm.

Safety is another priority in robotic systems, and the TM AI Cobot S Series control box has been upgraded to an IP54 rating, for increased protection against dust and water. Furthermore, the cobot has obtained up to 31 PL=d and Category 3 Safety Function certification from TÜV, ensuring the highest level of safety for operators and surrounding equipment. It has also passed international safety certifications, including ISO 13849-1 and ISO 10218-1, along with regional safety certifications such as UL and CSA for North America, and CE for Europe.

In addition to the TM AI Cobot S Series, Techman Robot is introducing the TMflow 2 Series, a comprehensive software solution designed to make robotic programming and operation safer, easier, and smarter. This software improves the user experience by simplifying complex tasks and reducing programming time. Thanks to seamless integration with the TM AI Cobot S Series, the TMflow 2 Series allows for unprecedented control and customization, empowering businesses to unlock their full potential with automation.

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