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Brake disc in-line quality inspection.

Complete Automation for Coremaking and Moldmaking

May 23, 2023
Turnkey automation packages for production, handling, transport, as well as system planning, design, and engineering soon will include in-house image processing.

LAEMPE MÖSSNER SINTO offers turnkey automation packages for all aspects of core production – including sand preparation, core shooting, core transport, core finishing, and in molding plant automation. The latter includes core setters as well as filter and support setters, including image processing systems and solutions. The holistic treatment of automation covers planning, design and engineering, E-Plan, PLC, robotics, manufacturing, assembly, image processing, commissioning, and global services. This means that customers can rely on a single point of contact person and defined responsibilities, avoiding interface problems and promoting timely implementation.

With this approach Laempe implements, for example, customized turnkey mold production lines with parallel production of several core types, including the mold shell as well as the ready-to-cast assembly of the molds.

The automation packages are in use around the world, including for engine block assembly lines; manufacturing brake disc cores including core inspection; and automation and deburring of chassis parts.

As metalcasters contend with a shortage of skilled workers, the requirements for environmental protection and resource conservation, increased quality requirements, and greater emphasis on ergonomics, Laempe Mössner Sinto is expanding its focus on complete automation. In the future, in-house image processing solutions will be integrated to the available automation packages.

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