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DG Smart Sensor.

Smart Sensor Optimizes Combustion Systems

July 25, 2023
Device offers precise monitoring and control of low-pressure combustion air and fuel gases, plus digitalization trends, to improve performance and operating dynamics for OEMs, end users, and system integrators.

HONEYWELL introduced the DG Smart sensor, designed to enhance the efficiency and reliability of monitoring and controlling low-pressure combustion air and fuel gases. This product offers precise monitoring capabilities and embraces the digitalization trends aligned with Industry 4.0, providing an opportunity to improve combustion system performance and transform the operational dynamics for OEMs, end users, and system integrators.

The DG Smart Sensor offers an array of advanced technical capabilities. The pressure transmitter is equipped with 4- to 20-mA NAMUR Analog output and MODBUS TCP digital communication, and is up to SIL3 capable via Safety Communication protocol. Designed to interoperate with future burner control units (BCUs), in line with Industry 4.0. These features provide a balance of digital connectivity and precision at a competitive price, positioning the DG Smart Sensor as a valuable addition to combustion systems.

"In the era of digital transformation, accurate and reliable process data is paramount," said Ramine Eskandari, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Thermal Solutions. “The DG Smart Sensor represents a necessary advancement in combustion technology. Its ability to provide precise pressure readings and integrate digital communication capabilities enhances the efficacy of process heating technology. This product is a key part of the progressive evolution in combustion systems that the industry seeks.”

Honeywell’s DG Smart sensor is available now in Europe and a global rollout is planned by the end of this year.

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