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Dust Collector Diagnostics

Nov. 21, 2011
Combined functionality improves performance and reduces cost
The B-PAC controllers are solid-state units that integrate control, sensing, and signal analysis so that one device is able to provide time- and money-saving diagnostics.

The FILTERSENSE B-PAC series of baghouse performance analyzers and controllers have a combination of functions that will help dust-collector operators to reduce operating costs, improve the collection process, and meet EPA or OSHA compliance.

The developer details that the controllers integrate control, sensing, and signal analysis so that one unit is able to provide time- and money-saving diagnostics, including: the ability to detect/locate filter leaks weeks before emissions are visible; the ability to detect/locate failed pulse solenoids that can lead to plugged filters; and the ability to instantly detect/locate ruptured or frozen pulse-jet diaphragms. The last capability may be critical, as undetected ruptures may lose up to $1,000/week for compressed air.

The B-PAC controllers also provide “intelligent” filter cleaning to extend filter life and lower emissions while reducing compressed-air use by 15-40% over traditional PLC programming, and up to 90% over continuous cleaning.

Optional software available for the B-PAC series will provide enhanced process control features and further automation of EPA record keeping. Several models are available, for small cartridge collectors to large multi-compartment baghouses.

The controllers are easy-to-use, high quality, heavy-duty products designed for long life in harsh process environments. A range of analog and digital I/O, as well as all major fieldbus protocols (including Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, DeviceNet, Profibus, and others) are available.