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Thermocouple Protection Tubes Boost Casting Performance

April 11, 2011
High performance, advanced material for molten aluminum applications
Pyrotek’s MAC thermocouple protection tubes are available with nipple, flanged, or plain ends.PYROTEK’s Metaullics Division offers a high-performance, advanced ceramic product especially for use in molten aluminum and zinc applications. The Metaullics Advanced Ceramic (MAC ®) thermocouple protection tubes reportedly offer excellent durability, thermal shock resistance, temperature measurement response, and long life.

Manufactured with a true composite, comprised of fine-grained silicon carbide and optional boron nitride, MAC protection tubes are extremely resistant to wetting by molten aluminum and aluminum oxide. Extensive trials and broad practical process applications show service life of three to six months can be achieved.

For example, at a Mexican foundry producing high-integrity automotive castings, a series of specially designed tubes protection tubes manufactured with the MAC material are used to protect the furnace electrical-resistance fixtures. The custom-developed tubes have been in place for over 12 months, and the customer reports not only satisfaction with the solution but improvements in efficiency, productivity, service life, and overall cost-effectiveness.

MAC delivers a range of efficiency and productivity advantages in process applications, according to Pyrotek, and offers excellent performance value in comparison with other high-performance ceramic systems, such as nitride bonded silicon carbide, sialon, silicon nitride, and aluminum titanate. It is thermally conductive and provides more accurate and faster thermal measurement response. “Overall, MAC proves to be an advanced ceramic that is cost-effective in demanding metallurgical process applications,” the supplier states.