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Energy-Saving Crucibles

April 1, 2011
Foseco vessel's thermal efficiency cuts energy consumption up to 8%
High thermal efficiency leads to the ENERTEK crucibles’ energy cost savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

Recognizing the critical effect that the thermal performance of crucibles has on overall foundry costs, FOSECO is offering a new line of crucibles conceived for thermal efficiency and consistent performance, leading to cost savings.

Foseco is a division of Vesuvius USA that manufactures and supplies proprietary consumable products and solutions to foundries worldwide.

The ENERTEK crucibles are expressly formulated and manufactured to hold and melt metal as efficiently as possible, reducing energy consumption over the life of the crucible by as much as 15%. According to the developer, each kilowatt hour of energy not consumed due to ENERTEK’s maximized thermal efficiency saves operating cost and reduces a foundry’s CO2 emissions.

The optimized thermal performance of these crucibles, and the consistency of that performance over the life of the equipment, promise significant savings for foundries. Tests have demonstrated energy savings of up to 8% are possible.

In addition to cost savings, Foseco emphasizes that ENERTEK crucibles improve a foundry's carbon footprint: performance trials concluded that reductions of 2-3 metric tons of CO2/month per furnace have been achieved.

Finally, the improvement in thermal performance leads to a reduction in average melting time, which may be as high as 20%, depending on the foundry’s existing melting practice.