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Precision Gunning Machine is Effective, Easy to Operate

Jan. 31, 2011
The AA020 Piccola rotary gunite machine from Blastcrete Equipment Co.
Blastcrete’s user-friendly Piccola machine will deliver a maximum of 3/8-inch aggregate at up to 6-cubic yards per hour, with precision.

The AA020 Piccola rotary gunite machine from BLASTCRETE EQUIPMENT CO. is intended to be a simple solution for gunning refractory material up to 6-cubic yards per hour, with precise material output and the ability to deliver a maximum of 3/8-inch aggregate. The manufacturer (which designs concrete mixers, pumps and related products) reports the rotary gunite machine “is designed to be easy to own, operate and maintain,” and effective for a variety of applications, including dry and underground shotcreting and concrete repair, as well as refractory installation.

The user-friendly Piccola machine operates with a simplified one-bolt clamping system. Unlike systems that may use three or four adjustment bolts to seal the clamping plate to the rotor, the Blastcrete machine requires just one bolt in a simplified design that makes it quick and easy to adjust. It also ensures an excellent seal every time, preventing dust leakage around the rotor and maintaining optimal results.

Also, Blastcrete explains that its Piccola machine is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, simplifying the routine maintenance that is necessary for best operating results.

The machine is compact so it transports easily. It’s mounted on solid rubber tires for mobility, and is available in a skid-mounted version with forklift pockets. Power options are a 5-hp electric motor or 16-AM Gast air motor. Air requirements range from 250 to 600 CFM, depending on the power choice.