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Melting Aluminum at the Diecasting Machine

Aug. 29, 2011
Advanced electric melting furnaces with interactive kW demand management
The new Rayteq compact electric furnace with hybrid digital/analog controls produces 720 lb/hr of aluminum, conserving energy by melting at the machine, and reducing electricity costs with a custom demand-control software.

RAYTEQ LLC is introducing the DC Series electric furnaces, a line of high-powered, compact electric-resistance melting furnaces with hybrid digital/analog controls for melting aluminum and magnesium alloys at the diecasting machine, reducing the loss of energy that occurs during hot-metal transport, in launders, and in holding furnace operations that accompany centralized melting systems. The advantages over conventional fuel-fired melting that Rayteq lists include higher energy efficiency, less metal loss, fewer scrap castings, no air-quality issues, no operator heat stress, and no noise.

High furnace melting rates in a compact space are possible thanks to high-power density heating elements that involved new materials technology. For other electric furnace models, Rayteq also supplies heating element replacements that incorporate this new technology for other electric furnace makes.

The DC Series furnaces are available in six standard sizes ranging in capacities from 700 to 3,250 lb for aluminum, and are supplied ready to operate with Rayteq's Fleet Commander interactive demand-management system (IDMS), which achieves additional utility cost savings by minimizing electric furnace fleet kW demand without impairing production rates or casting quality. The Fleet Commander software operates with all Rayteq electric melters as well as conventional electric furnaces equipped with Fleet Commander retrofit kits.

The DC Series electric furnaces and Fleet Commander IDMS software will be exhibited at the 2011 NADCA Tabletop Exhibition, September 19-21, in Columbus, OH.