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Programming for Robots Tending Diecasting Machines

Jan. 30, 2012
New software tool improves casting removal
Removing a diecasting from an 800-mt machine, in synch with the ejectors, thanks to the CASTeject program.

REIS ROBOTICS developed and introduced a new software function that allows machine-tending robots — specifically those used to remove finished products from a pressure or gravity diecasting machine — to move in linear manner in the direction of the mold ejectors. Thus, the casting can be removed from the mold synchronously with the movement of the hydraulic ejector.

After the diecasting machine opens, the robot gets a signal from the casting machine to move in and pick-up the casting in the open die. After receiving the "gripper closed" message the robot gives the "ejector forward" signal to the casting machine and switches on the CASTeject function. With the ejector movement the robot is pushed away with the part until the casting is free for removal from the mold. Doing so, the Tool Center Point (TCP) is readjusted in the "linear" in direction of the ejector movement of the casting, similar to the function of a conveyor.

With the CASTeject function, precise linear movement is achieved, according to the developer, with several advantages for the user. The casting will be removed gently from the die and won't be deformed, and at the same time it can be inserted precisely into the fixture of any subsequent process stations and/or trim tools.

The program also helps operators to avoid jamming of the casting during ejection, thus maintaining the surface condition during removal; in gravity die casting, increased abrasion of the release agent is prevented, according to the developer.