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Image Analysis Software

Jan. 23, 2012
Release offers high dynamic range imaging, new analysis capabilities, and easier data management

Capturing, retrieving and analyzing sample images from microscopes can be complex, but the OLYMPUS STREAM image analysis software version 1.7 reportedly streamlines the process so users can accomplish multifaceted and complex applications with unprecedented ease and accuracy. The latest version of the software offers new features like high dynamic range (HDR) imaging, streamlined document storage and retrieval, easier reporting and a variety of helpful new imaging, data handling and reporting tools.

For image capturing, the developer indicated that Version 1.7’s most significant development is HDR imaging, which is useful when displaying images with both dark and bright areas that require viewing, measuring or analysis. Contrast-based autofocus ensures that the desired topography of the entire image, or any region of interest, is in perfect focus. Users can load and save acquisition parameters directly in the Camera Control Tool window, so it’s easier and faster to share a single camera among various microscopes or users.

Image processing and analysis are improved with features like the ability to superimpose image layers and adjust opacity. Users can batch-process images in macros, analyze multiple images, and output results to a single spreadsheet, helping to automate image analysis over a large series of images.

HDR imaging in the Olympus Stream version 1.7 is useful when displaying images with both dark and bright areas that require viewing, measuring or analysis.

Data management, storage, and reporting also are improved. An optional document storage module filters for image ID, creation date, or the record owner, “instantly,” according to Olympus. This allows fast document storage with no need to organize a field-driven database with a predefined structure. The new Detail Zoom feature within the report generator allows users to highlight noteworthy elements.

Stream software uses an intuitive graphical user interface, “to guide users from simple image capture to advanced material science applications.” The software addresses the needs of users at every level, from basic image acquisition requirements to secure, top-level client-server image/data workflow management. It can network entire organizations, internally or externally, via the Internet. Stream continues to address diverse application requirements through its five-level software structure, a wide range of application-specific modules, multiple-license pricing and on-site or WebEx training.

Users of Stream v1.5 or v1.6 can upgrade to the new software at no charge.

Olympus Stream image analysis software is a development of Olympus America Inc.’s Olympus Scientific Equipment Group /Industrial Microscopes unit, which develops industrial microscopes and micro-imaging systems for advanced material analysis and metallography, as well as metrology, semiconductor wafer manufacturing, quality assurance, microlithography, and more precision applications.

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