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Ultra High-Temp Sand Cooler/Classifier

May 16, 2011
Monitors incoming, outgoing water temperatures to maintain system is efficiency
UHT-Series machines are designed to cool sand from over 1,000°F to as low as 120°F at up to 40 tph.

Palmer Manufacturing recently introduced Ultra High Temperature Cooler Classifier (UHT-Series) designed to cool sand from over 1,000°F to as low as 120°F at rates up to 40 tons per hour of incoming sand. The machine uses a heavy-duty steel fluid bed and a high-horsepower, high-flow blower. The temperature of the incoming sand is monitored and the necessary amount of properly tempered water is metered into the linear stainless steel cooling bundle to meet the set-point discharge temperature.

The system monitors incoming and outgoing water temperatures to ensure the system is operating at peak efficiency.

The UHT-Series machines have a number of noteworthy safety features, including “shutdown” and “alarm” functions in case of insufficient water flow, exceeding water temperature, or incorrect pressure.

The machines’ PLC-based controls are Ethernet capable and can be custom designed to operate with any plantwide operating and control system.

Greater temperature reduction can be achieved with customized water-cooling systems that may include chillers, high-output pumping systems, etc. A standard design installation will include two dust collection take-offs properly engineered to remove a controlled volume of fines, while ensuring a minimum volume of sand is directed to dust collection. All system components are selected for the highest quality from widely available suppliers.

“The importance of the cooler classifier to your reclamation process cannot be underestimated,” according to Palmer Manufacturing president Jack Palmer. “This equipment handles extremely high temperatures consistently (in relation to the inlet water temperature), and is also easy to maintain and clean.”