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New Release for High-Accuracy Simulation of Flow, Solidification

March 28, 2011
FLOW-3D Cast makes simulation available to a broader spectrum of users
FLOW-3DCast features dynamic meshing capability to simplify model set-ups. It is provided with material libraries for metals, molds, filters and risers.

A new software introduced by FLOW SCIENCE INC. was developed specifically for casting process simulation, and promising “highly accurate flow and solidification results.” FLOW-3D Cast is the latest computational fluid dynamics program in the FLOW-3D series, which in addition to the original FLOW-3D software includes FLOW-3D/MP and FLOW-3D ThermoSET.

“FLOW-3D Cast should help make our highly accurate simulation tool accessible to a broader spectrum of users, including smaller shops, leading to reduced energy and material waste and increased productivity,” stated Flow Science Inc. president Thomas Jensen.

Among the functions available with FLOW-3D Cast are dynamic meshing, for easy model set-up; material libraries for metals, molds, filters and risers; and extensive post-processing capabilities, all of which may be accessed from a user interface designed by casting engineers. In its announcement, the software group explained that the interface for FLOW-3D Cast was developed initially with the trade name ConiferCast, at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, in Espoo, and offered through Flow Science’s international distributors in some parts of Europe and Asia. Simtech Systems Oy, a VTT spin-off, has continued and extended the development. In 2009, Simtech signed a cooperative agreement with Flow Science to rename it FLOW-3D Cast and make it available worldwide.

FLOW-3D Cast is available in three versions — Basic, Extended, and Advanced — according to the functionality of the solver, and in several languages.

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